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Why IPE Triple Line

Triple Line Consulting Limited (IPE Triple Line) and our parent company, IPE Global, are advisory experts in international development.

As a unique South-North business partnership, IPE Triple Line and IPE Global are well-placed to offer our clients a strong and comprehensive service with extensive in-country expertise across Asia, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, the Americas and Europe.

Our diverse international staff and network of consultants are specialists in forest governance and climate change, enterprise and private sector development, agriculture, social and economic empowerment (including gender), governance, grant management and monitoring, evaluation and learning. Our clients include government departments, major donors, international aid agencies and finance institutions, the private sector and charities.

In all of our work and every project we take on, we promote, support and practice transparency, integrity and accountability. We are founded on the principle of the triple bottom line, drawing on the economic, social and environmental nexus within international development and our team is a reflection of this understanding. 

We choose to only work on projects where we believe we can make a real difference in ensuring aid funds are well spent and that our expertise helps increase the effectiveness of organisations, communities and businesses.

Our fundamental objective is to make sure that our work across all sectors makes a substantial and meaningful contribution to sustainable development initiatives that set out improving lives among poor communities around the world.

Based in United Kingdom, IPE Triple Line is part of the IPE Global Group which has offices in India (Global Headquarters), Kenya, Ethiopia, Nepal, Myanmar, Philippines and Bangladesh.

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