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Helping Finland to Transition its Private Sector Support in Zambia

IPE Triple Line Consulting | News [ 28th November 2016 ]

Helping Finland to Transition its Private Sector Support in Zambia

A strong private sector is key to job creation, livelihood opportunities and wellbeing in Zambia, where development is well on its way. This is one of the conclusions of the new development policy of Zambia’s long-term partner, Finland. We are excited to be working with the Ministry and the Embassy in Lusaka to formulate a new private sector support programme which will build on previous government-led programmes to create new opportunities for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).


The new PSD support programme will be a five-year, EUR12-14 million programme focusing on transforming and accelerating youth entrepreneurship in Zambia to create more and better jobs and skills, especially for young people. The programme will support the innovation and start-up ecosystem in Zambia, and help youth enterprises to grow, become more competitive and develop their networks.


We have recently completed the inception phase and are preparing for a participatory programme planning workshop to be held in Lusaka in December 2016. The workshop will review background studies and assessments, the proposed theory of change for the PSD and agree key interventions, activities and expected outcomes. 




Client: Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Zambia

Project title: Formulation of the new Private Sector Support Programme in Zambia

Time Period: 2016-17

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