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Annual Human Rights Report by LHRC Tanzania

IPE Triple Line Consulting | News [ 20th April 2016 ]

Annual Human Rights Report by LHRC Tanzania

On Wednesday 20 th April 2016, the Legal and Human Rights Centre (LHRC) of Tanzania launched its annual human rights report. Through our DFID-funded project - UHAKIKI (Swahili for Tracking Civil and Political Rights) - we have been strengthening the capacity of LHRC in its analysis, tracking, eporting and advocacy on civil and political rights in the country. This report represents the key source of information on human rights on the mainland - and demonstrates LHRC’s position at the forefront of protecting human rights in the country, We are proud to partner with such a dynamic and motivational set of individuals who make up LHRC.
The report is now available online and can be accessed here 
For further information about the project and IPE Triple Line and IPE Global' s work in the area of governance, contact governance@ipeglobal.com or visit the Governance Sector

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