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AREAP Rwanda workshop

IPE Triple Line Consulting | News [ 23rd November 2015 ]

AREAP Rwanda workshop

Juliette and the AREAP team sent us this update of the latest trip to Rwanda to conduct a workshop with the Implementing Partners for the AREAP project (Learning, Impact and Communication Hub DFID Africa Regional Empowerment and Accountability Programme - AREAP).

"In November 2015 social development and governance advisers Juliette Seibold, Mary Straker and Helen Appleton went to Rwanda to work with three Pan African Apex NGOs who work at the continental and regional level to ensure the African Union, the Southern African Development community and individual nation states provide services and protect the rights of poor people.  In this picture Mary Straker is working with Andrew Osiany and Osai Ojigho from the State of the Union Coalition led by Oxfam to develop a case study on how they have developed civil society coalition advocacy in 13 African States and what results they've achieved.  At the end of three intense days of work the feedback from all participants was excellent.  Lusungu Kanchenche from the Southern African Trust said: "Working together in Rwanda has provided a platform for learning, valuable face-to-face discussion time, and valuable insight into how we can work more effectively.  We have really learnt from each other".  The team also benefited from Rwanda's delicious coffee and avocados."

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