About us

Triple Line Consulting Ltd provides the expertise that adds real value to efforts to improve life in poor and developing countries. Our clients include government departments, international aid agencies and finance institutions, the private sector and major charities and foundations. Our diverse, international staff team and network of consultants are experts in financial management, economics, agriculture, research, organisational and personal development. We only work on projects where we think our triple bottom line approach can make a difference. We ensure aid funds are well spent, helping to reduce poverty and increasing the effectiveness of organisations, communities and businesses.

What is the triple line?

The ‘single bottom line’ is the profitability of a business. The ‘triple bottom line’ is about the relationship between an economy and the human and natural environment.

We apply triple bottom line analysis in our work. We believe that the environmental and social aspects of a business or organisation are not just there to keep regulators and lobbyists happy but instead to produce sustainable outcomes or to give a company competitive advantage.

By involving all stakeholders, acceptable solutions can be found to unwanted social and environmental impact while optimising the best outcomes for everyone. Wider public needs can be reconciled with the direct interests of business.

Triple line principles apply to both how we work and what we do.

Our mission statement

Triple Line brings together three strands of thinking and activity: the social, the economic and the environmentally sustainable. We believe our approach is essential to successful long term development.

Our values

Sustainable development- Our work involves applying an understanding of the interconnections between the economic, social, and environmental aspects of issues and problems (the triple bottom line).

Integrity - We operate on the principles of openness, transparency, accountability and trust.

Learning and partnership - We aim to develop best practice by learning from our team’s experience and sharing this learning with our clients and partners. We follow up on the work that has been completed to ensure that lessons are learned so that we continue to improve our practice.

Diversity – We acknowledge and respect different perspectives. We encourage inclusion in relation to gender, culture, ethnicity, language and disability.

Building local capacity- We take time to build local networks and capacity in the countries and regions where we work.

Our actions

Green energy – we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint.  We have begun this journey by switching our energy provider to Ecotricity, a green energy company which supplies us with 100% renewable energy. Our next step is to review the carbon footprint associated with project based travel in order to identify opportunities to minimise and mitigate this impact.

Payroll giving – we work directly with many charities and NGOs, both as clients and as grant holders.  In addition, many of our team have previously worked in the not-for-profit sector.  Because of this, we felt a particular desire to sign-up to Payroll Giving as a way to help our staff support the causes they care about in a tax effective way.  Payroll Giving is particularly valuable to the recipient charities because it helps them build reliable and diversified income streams that enable better planning for the future.  Our Payroll Giving Agency is Charities Trust